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Discover Hoang Su Phi district, where you can see the most terraced rice fields in Vietnam. The fields change their appearance according to the season: they look like big mirrors in the rainy season (late April until early May), and a large soft golden silk in the harvest season (end of September), dotted with locals working the paddies with their livestock. You can also join the fire dance festival of the Pa Then people at the end of the lunar year (January to February).

Day 1: Ha Giang/Ha Noi – Tan Quang – Thong Nguyen

7:00 AM Savor your breakfast and begin your trip to Tan Quang from Ha Noi or Ha Giang.

12:00 PM Enjoy your lunch in Tan Quang and then head to Thong Nguyen.

Trek for 1-2 hours and reach the top of the mountain to admire the best views on the way. You will see a stunning scene of nature with terraced fields hidden behind the clouds and wooden roofs. You can also find huts to take photos of the beautiful fields. 

You will also visit the old tea fields of the Dao people on Phin Ho mountain. The Shan Tuyet Phin Ho tea is famous for its quality, ingredients and taste, thanks to the cool and fresh climate and environment.

4:00 PM Check in at a homestay in Thong Nguyen.

Day 2: Thong Nguyen – Chieu Lau Thi – Ban Phung

7:00 AM Enjoy a delicious breakfast and visit Chieu Lau Thi, the second highest peak in the Northeast mountainous region. The weather here varies with the seasons: cool in summer, and in autumn, and extremely cold in winter. During summer, the vegetation is lush as if it were spring. As you climb the mountain, you can see the ancient forests with a rich flora, including many rare trees. On clear days, you can witness the sunrise and the sunlight painting the mountains yellow. This “Nine Stairs” mountain has a unique and amazing beauty with its mountain scenery and floating clouds.

Continue your journey to Ban Phung Village and enjoy the stunning views of nature and rice paddies. Ban Phung is the heart of Hoang Su Phi with its famous terraced fields, a must-see attraction when you visit Hoang Su Phi. From above, you can see the terraced fields embracing the small cozy roofs, creating a contrast of majesty and tenderness.

Day 3: Ban Phung – Tung San – Thuong Son – Ha Giang or Ban Phung – Bac Ha

7:00 AM Enjoy a delicious breakfast and coffee as you watch the sun rise over the terraces in Ban Phung. The village is mostly inhabited by the La Chi ethnic group, who have preserved their unique culture and traditions. You will hike in Ban Phung to learn about their culture and see many locals wearing their traditional clothes.

You will then have two options to continue the journey:

  • Option 1: Ban Phung – Tung San – Thuong Son – Ha Giang city.

11:00 AM Have a relaxing lunch break in Hoang Su Phi Town.

As you return to Ha Giang City, you will marvel at the scenic views of terraced fields on both sides of the road, and observe the traditional houses of local people nestled on the mountainside. Some of the villages you will pass by include Tung San Village and Thuong Son Village.

  • Option 2: Ban Phung – Bac Ha

You will enjoy the stunning landscape of Coc Pai Town, where the mountains and valleys are complemented by the serene Chay river. In the early morning, the town looks like a water-color painting, shrouded in the morning mist.

Refresh yourself in Suoi Thau Glassland, a destination that attracts tourists who love to travel with its idyllic autumn scenery, likened to “Swiss steppe in the heart of Ha Giang”. You will explore a beautiful world of rolling hills, endless green grasslands and trails winding across the prairie. Adding to the charm of this scene are the Sa Moc trees that resemble pine trees, making the scene more poetic.

Make your way back to Ha Giang City and pass through some villages in Bac Ha. Visit Bac Ha flower valley, where you will be immersed in a colorful space of flowers, lovely valleys and enjoy the fresh air of nature.

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